Mobil Asfalts



In manufacturing products that meeting European Union standards, SIA “Mobil Asfalts” ensures that materials used in the production process and in road building are thoroughly tested in the company’s laboratory.

The SIA “Mobil Asfalts” Laboratory is at Bukultu Street 10, Riga. Phone: 67360943, 67360094.

The Laboratory’s functions:

  • testing and quality control of materials used in road building (sand, gravel, chips, chemicals and mineral additives) including testing of materials in independent laboratories;
  • development and coordination of the composition of asphalt concrete mixtures;
  • taking and testing the required samples to determine compliance with technical requirements (stability and fluidity) for the quality of asphalt concrete, including testing of materials in independent laboratories;
  • certification of asphalt concrete product quality with accredited institutions;
  • issuing test data, quality certificates and manufacturer’s declarations at the client’s request;
  • determining the pore content of holes bored in the road.

In its operation, the Laboratory complies with:

  • Latvian State Standards (LVS);
  • European Standards adapted in Latvia (EN);
  • Construction site technical regulations and specifications.